Web Business Models

In my opinion, these are the primary web business models, which are followed by some of the highly successful websites.
  • Marketplace Model, This is one of highly profitable model, because it directly deliver some financial (or other) benefit to both involved parties which connect through it. This model connect the sellers and buyers. All Free Lancing, B2B, B2C protals comes under this category. Example of web sites following marketplace web business model are eBay.comoDesk.comAliBaba.com, etc.
  • Community-Driven Model, The contents of websites which follow the community-driven web business model are filled or populated by its users. The example sites include: StackOverflow.com and Wikipedia.com, etc.
    In addition idea and implementation of a community-driven web product, its more important to answer a fundamental question - why users would give their time to add contents? If you can't somehow convince users to give your site sometime and great knowledge, you can't be successful in community-driven business models. Here, a very important concept called "Reputation System" comes into play, by implementing Reputation System, you facilitate users to somehow get recognition/value/satisfaction by contributing. One of the key success factor of StackOverflow.com is excellently designed Reputation System. I have read some contributors saying "I am addicted to StackOverflow.com", when you give such a passion to contributors, the success follows.
  • Content Publishing Model, These are the web products which publish valuable contents that deliver some value to readers. For example Reuters.comCNN.comTechCrunch.comMashable.com, etc. are all examples of content publishing business models.
  • Web Products, These are web application that run in a browser, helps you to do/manage a particular task. For example Google Docs help you to write and maintain Word, Spreadsheet, Presentations etc. Gmail helps you to manage and send/receive mails.
  • Social Media. We want to express ourselves. We want to remain connected with our fellows, specifically family-members and friends. We want to share our songs/photos/movies collections and want to see theirs'. We want to stay connected with what our friends are doing at the moment, where they are employed, what they like, what they dislike, etc. This model is followed by Facebook.comGoogle PlusYoutube.comTwitter.com, etc.
  • It must be noted, today most websites follow composite web business models (which means they follow more than one model at same time). For example, Facebook.com is Social Media, Web Product (messaging/chat etc.), Content Publishing (e.g. Facebook Notes), etc. But it is very important to understand each as separate model and study it ground-up. Instead of worrying about looking all integrated things, delivering great value and huge profits.Definitely there are a lot other business models on web, I have shared some houghts on just a few, I like/value most.Which web business model in your opinion is more promising (from these or others)?


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