Entrepreneurship Lessons from Rozee.PK

LUMS organized TiE Khudee Competition in 2008, in which people from all Pakistan were invited to send their business ideas. They selected a few team after evaulating their ideas and business plans’ executive summary. We (I with my friend, Umar) were one of them. All teams were offered 5 days workshop on entrepreneurship to facilitate writing final business plan.

Ok, I keep it short. The CEO of Naseeb Networks was their at workshop as entrepreneurship trainer and guest speaker, named Monis Rehman. Rozee.pk is his own idea and a product of Naseeb Networks. At workshop, he shared his success story of Rozee.pk that contains a really great lesson (that I infact realized later).

He told, he was an electronics engineer at Intel and member of 386 processor design team. He was use to using different job sites at US. So, when returned to Pakistan, he searched job sites to apply for the job. He come to know there was no such job portal but one that owns extremely low quality. He was just fed up by this.

Now here is the key thing, rather than just throwing what he faced, he was a man well aware of importance of an idea. So he thought there will be a lot of people facing the same problem, so why not to solve it? It was the day when Rozee.pk took birth. Realizing the importance of an idea is secondary thing, the first point is how such ideas click into mind. We all think, and face problems, then why some guys extract great value and others throw it. I see, Its our specific behaviour towards life which drives them. Some people don’t keep their eyes open, no matter what they read, know, experience, or see in their surrounding. Others who keep their eyes open; brainstill whatever they face and look for a solution or a promising alternatives. They conceive human needs and reply their environment events by taking innovative initiatives proactively to invent or enhance things.