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How to Configure Sub Domain That Points to Another Host

Blogger do not allow to attach non-image files (at the moment). Here I will explain to point your sub domain to another host. Earlier I was using Google Docs to upload non-image files. But now I have setup sub domain to another host, so I can put my all files at . There are following benefits of this approach: 1. You can put your files/attachments for users to download. The links that points to your downloadable resource would belong to your own domain. 2. Sometime we want to show working example of code. For example you may want to attach a running JSP/Servlet page. With Blogger and Wordpress, it is not possible. So what you can do is, put your dynamic resources in sub domain. So how to configure sub domain?  You just need to put an A RECORD entry into your blog DNS. And configure the sub domain under Tomcat or Apache. For example, when I configured  ... my domain settings looks as follow: See demonstration if your name server provider is GoDaddy:

How to generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Apache with OpenSSL / HTTPS

Here I share how to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Apache with OpenSSL (HTTPS). Lets us see, how to do so, step by step:      1.        Create a directory for SSL             a.         mkdir  –p /etc/httpd/ssl             b.        cd  /etc/httpd/ssl      2.        Generating private key             a.         openssl genrsa -des3 -out <domain name>.key 2048 Note: you will be prompted to enter a password. The password will be needed every time you restart apache. 3.        Generating  a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) a.         openssl req -new -key <domain name>.key -out <domain name>.csr Note: You will need  to provide the following details                                                                i.       Enter pass phrase for <domain name>.key                                                               ii.       Country Name (2 letter code)                                                             iii.       State or Province N

What is Skype

Skype is an instant messaging software. As you install other softwares on your computer to use them, in same way you also need to install Skype on your system or computer to use Skype. Instant messaging means, you can communicate live by writing text message with any other person who has Skype installed on his system. In addition to text messaging, Skype also allows you to make voice and video calls to other persons. Both person who want to communicate must be connected to internet. You must be thinking how we can identify someone we want to communicate with? This is very simple. Each person who uses Skype have a Skype ID. So you must Create a Skype Account to use Skype for instant messaging. When creating Skype account, you will get a Skype ID and password. These Skype ID and password are used to sign-in on Skype. As you have guessed, each person who uses Skype has a unique Skype ID. So if there are one billion users who use Skype, there are one billion Skype IDs created. So if you wa

How to Get Facebook Friends List in Java Servlet or JSP in 5 Easy Steps Using RestFB

Updated: July 9, 2014. (old post given below) In the link that open Facebook Loging dialog, you need to specify one or more permissions that user must grant you, only then your applications can fetch associated data or performs a particular operation. If you do not specify any permission, default basic_info was used in API V1. In latest V2 API, the default is named to public_profile . If you are developing a new Facebook App or your Facebook App was not active for last couple of months, the Facebook by default would use API 2.0 version to serve your requests that no more allows fetching all Facebook friends list with basic_info permission. ( Reference ) basic_info permission no more exist, it has been replaced with public_profile  permission (the default) which contains same info except the friends list. The all login user friends list were earlier available under basic_info. Another permission user_friends is introduced in version 2.0, but it do not return all friends of the login use

What Is Online Work and How To Start

Yesterday my brother asked me, I want to work online but I am unable to understand what type of online work is available there. And does one must know programming to work online? Or anybody can do work online. And more importantly what does it mean by work online? Does it means one must be connected the internet, and what if somebody do not have an internet connection continuously. Here I share it briefly: 1. Online work means, doing some work to make money using Internet. This is not a requirement, that you should always be connected to internet to work online. For example, once you got a project (we will later see how) from someone via internet, and the work description is well understood. Then, you can work offline too, and when you work is done, you can submit the deliverable (code, design, article, or anything else) after connecting to internet. In some cases, client may require you to install a software into your system so that he can track exactly how many hours you spent on his

Many Fresh Computer Science Graduates Lack Deeper Understanding of Core Concepts

In current and previous company I got opportunity to conduct technical interviews for entry level and experienced software engineers openings. Here I want to share some points that may help students and to identify some important issues in general to improve Pakistan IT workforce. The first biggest issue is with depth of knowledge. To make real software, it is not enough that you can write a code and compile it. It is more important that you actually know what is happening at hardware or a bit lower software level. Why it is required? because in writing real world software, a lot of times we face issue that can be solved only if you know how inside stuff works and what is the impact of decisions you made during selecting a data structure in code and creating a database design. Let me give you another simple example. If we talk about how an HTTP request of generated client and responded by server. If you really want to give a very concrete observation, you must know what actually happen