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BS CS/SE, Final Year Projects' Presentations, Fall 2017, CIIT Lhr. Jan. 22, 2018

Time ID Title Supervisor Room 0900-0945 CS21 Smart-Phone Based Cognitive Vision using Neural Networks Dr. Amjad Ali C-5 0950-1035 CS04 Visionary Vision for Blinds Dr. Usama IjazBajwa 1040-1125 CS15 CIIT Clash Resolver of Courses Dr. Muhammad Salman Khan 1130-1215 SE15 Health Verdict(A shelter to take healthy decisions) Mr. Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi 1220-1305 SE19 Smart Incident Report Dr. Muhammad Hasanain ch. 0900-0945 SE10 Online Manpower Services Dr. Muhammad Hasanain ch. D-5 0950-1035 SE02 Barbero Mr. Muhammad Shahid Bhatti 1040-1125 SE30 Speech to Text Generation Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Mehdi 1130-1215 SE31 Speech to Text Android App Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Mehdi 1220-1305 CS03 A Suspect Monitoring & Tracking System Dr. Amjad Ali 1310-1355 CS12 An Intelligent Health Care System for Neuro Rehabilitation Mr. Imran Raza 0900-0945 SE09 Similarity of Business Process Models:A StructuralChanges based Technique Dr. Abid Sohail Bhutta Lab-E 0950-1035 SE21 Food Donor Dr. Muhammad H