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Java Program that Purchases a Computer from Datacenter in London and Install Ubuntu using Linode API

Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Linode are well known cloud platform, infrastructure and other services providers. Below I explain how we can write a Java program that buys a computer from Linode London Datacenter, install Ubuntu OS and put it ON. Definitely, you can choose your datacenter of choice among following: Dallas, Fremont, Tokyo, London, Singapore, Frankfurt. I have selected London. Linode provide RESTful services to create and manage different resources e.g. linux box aka Linode, node balancers, setting DNS, IPs, Backup, Storage and scalling system resources. Below program use Linode RESTful API via official wrapper Java API. Lets move step by step: First of all, you must create an account at Login into your account, go to My Profile > API Keys and click on Create New API key. Note it down, we need it to make API calls. Download the Linode official Java API from and add the linode-api.jar and runtime dependencies di