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Task 10 - Form Manipulation and Event Handling using JavaScript - Practice Task

With reference to last two lectures on JavaScript, we discussed how to handle events in web application, how to read and update HTML elements, their properties and CSS styles of a webpage dynamically. We also discussed how to manipulate HTML forms. This practice task, ask you to perform some operations using the concepts we discussed. Definitely, you may have to Google the stuff that is related but not exactly same what we did in class. Before doing this task, I strongly recommend you to first run and understand the code samples we discussed in class that I have shared with you via Dropbox. It would help you to understand the basics and then you can build on those concepts to complete below given work. To better focus on different parts of the task, I have divided it in 4 sub-tasks, each sub-task UI is given in below mockup. 10.1 Create an option list with "multiple" property enabled, that means, user shall be able to select multiple options by holding the CTRL key. Add a lis

Task 9 - Session Handling - Programming Practice Task using PHP

9.1 Make show-session-data.php, it should display all sessions data (int, float, arrays) in the web page. if the element is array, display array data appropriately. 9.2 Make a form with two input fields i.e. key and value, when user submit the form, store the submitted key  value in session. If same key already exist, display message that key already exist in session and can't be created again. At end of the script, include show-session-data.php script you created in task 9.1 9.3 Make a program that shift all cookies into session and delete them from user browser. Definitely, you have to add some cookie first. 9.4 A request contains multiple parameter with some values. Shift all parameters into session. Using same name and value.