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How to Subscribe to a Particular Category or Label on Blogger

Some blogger blog on multiple categories. That means their posts contains articles on more than one topic. What if you are interested to read all articles published under a particular category only. For example, BitsPedia publish articles on many topics. If you want to read articles published under Web Businees category, here is the URL you need to subscribe in your RSS reader: Business You can replace " Web Business " with any label/category you want to subscribe to. You can subscribe to any Blogger blog using this technique.

Programming Language for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneur, we need to test our ideas by making a product fast. Its difficult to predict about success. So the speed to create a new product matters a lot. So that you can try more ideas fast. So if you have a mindset of entrepreneur, I recommend to choose a programming language that suits your personality well. For example, as web entrepreneur you should develop skills on highly productive programming language. I started my career with Java development and doing it for last 5 years. I created a few web products but it took a lot of time to develop because of long code-compile-deploy cycle. And less availability of plugins/gems. Now I see, If I have done that work using more productive language (e.g. Ruby on Rails, PHP etc), I would have test my ideas faster. So if you happen to be a web entrepreneur, don't go into Java or .Net development. Prefer Rails or PHP. It would help you in long run to test your web ideas fast. You may think, some language are more fast as others (