Programming Language for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneur, we need to test our ideas by making a product fast. Its difficult to predict about success. So the speed to create a new product matters a lot. So that you can try more ideas fast.

So if you have a mindset of entrepreneur, I recommend to choose a programming language that suits your personality well. For example, as web entrepreneur you should develop skills on highly productive programming language.

I started my career with Java development and doing it for last 5 years. I created a few web products but it took a lot of time to develop because of long code-compile-deploy cycle. And less availability of plugins/gems. Now I see, If I have done that work using more productive language (e.g. Ruby on Rails, PHP etc), I would have test my ideas faster.

So if you happen to be a web entrepreneur, don't go into Java or .Net development. Prefer Rails or PHP. It would help you in long run to test your web ideas fast.

You may think, some language are more fast as others (e.g. Java is fast as compare to PHP or Rails). The answer is, test your ideas with dynamic languages. They are good enough to handle a large load. And if you later need to change the technology, at that time you would have enough resource to do so. But in start, if you picked highly outperformed language, you may kill you time making a system, that never hit that traffic you anticipated. So grow your product as your get more users. Make for 10x, and grow gradually up to 100x, when your need hit 100x, that is the time to make for 1000x.

Time is great resource, don't waste in over optimization. .... also note ... Great developers – not programming languages – build great products. Productive language can make them super great.
I recommend Ruby on Rails for web development.


  1. you can very well try grails (written in groovy, which is like sort of java++) instead of changing from java to some other language for a framework

    1. Yes you are right, grails is very productive language.

  2. There are lots of bulitin products in java/groovy which can be configure in minutes. You can use one of them to test your idea and later on you can find one of the products which suits your idea and then you can customize it.


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