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Final Year Project (FYP) Ideas

Many students ask for final year project (FYP) idea. Here I share some ideas that may not be noval but carries good enough scope for FYP and quality stuff to learn and excel. These are different from routine FYP ideas e.g. library management, shop management, school management etc.  I am not available to supervise because I am already occupied with my FYP students. You can work on any idea without my permission, under any supervisor or industry professional (as co-supervisor). 1. Sensors and Monitoring App - Internet of Things Recently Internet of Things (IoT) got popularity. Punjab Government is also working on Smart Cities project. Some universities has started offering IoT as an elective course. It sounds good time to get some understanding and hands on experience.  Idea: I have a warehouse, kilometers away from my sale point and home. Second warehouse is in another city. I want to see the live updates of temerature of the warehouse, smoke level, humidity level, status o

Classified Management System (AdSys) - Practice Task Detail

Its grand assignment, completion would show you well understand fundamental concepts of web application development. You must have visited, below assignment of classified management system (AdSys for short) works like olx in general (though limited in functionality). Users shall post ads for others to view. They shall signup, login and update, activate, deactivate and delete ads. Below is the detail of individual feature you shall develop to get full marks. See above image i.e. entity relationship diagram (ERD) of AdSys. Make database in MySQL based on above ERD. (You can download the SQL script of database design, from here ). Import the SQL script into your MySQL database. Below are the features you must implement using PHP, HTML, and CSS. Use Bootstrap wherever applicable. Sign Up (signup.php): When user open singup.php page, show a registration form (see fields from users table). Register the user using post-back approach. The city should be a drop down list (enter any 5