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Submit Web Technologies' Semester Project Proposals

Nature of Project for Web Technologies Course You would develop a web based system, application or proof of concept code samples (depending on nature of the semester project you choose). The project include, but not limited to, following types: Develop a Management Information System (MIS) e.g. accounts management system, fleet management, school management system, assets management system, application processing system, sale management systems, pathology management system, etc. If if you select such MIS, make sure it contains at least 12 to 15 tables and there are at least 8 usecases per group-member. The project may be a web or mobile product based on your unique business idea that would deliver some unique value to users if you launch it. In this case, there may be less number of use cases and database tables, but you have to justify its uniqueness in your proposal explaining market need, other competitive products and how your idea or product is unique or why user would use

Task 8 - Cookies Programming Tasks for Practice using PHP

Before doing below listed tasks, understand what are cookies and how they work. Then understand my given code samples. Note that, below tasks are just to understand the cookies, it may not appear in real applications. Here are the tasks: 1. Make interval.php that saves a cookie in user internet browser with current time. When user access the page again, show the duration in seconds after which the page is opened. 2. Make a form with two input text fields. First for cookie name and other for cookie value, when user submit the form. Create new cookie with passed name and value.  3. Make a form with one input text field and Delete Cookie button, when user submit the form, delete only the cookies whose name is submitted by form. Must handle form using Postback mechanism. 4. Make show-all-cookies.php page, it should display all cookies the application has stored in user browser. (assume, you don't know the keys). 5. Create control-panel.php to manage, view a

Task 7 - Form Handling and Generating Dynamic Views

First you must review forms code samples we discussed in class to understand how to create forms with all input controls, receive submitted data at server side and how to generate update form. After getting basic understanding of forms, do below givens tasks. Without doing below tasks, do not expect to solve forms related question in quiz and sessional 2 exam. Task 7.1  Assume a form is submitted to handler.php script, write handler.php script such that it should display all parameter names and values in tabular format ie. two columns, key name in first column and value in second column. Show the method name used to submit the data. The handler should work, whether the form is submitted using GET or POST. Task 7.2 Do this task using postback approach. Make a form with option to attach up to 5 pictures. Write fileshandler.php script that shall save all submitted files in filestore directory (located in same folder where handler script is saved). Rename each file to <ori

Task 6 - Make Layouts using Bootstrap 4

Explore making layouts with different components of Bootstrap. is good start to see and explore some examples. Make at least following: