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Create an HTML Form Dynamically - Lab Task 3

Post Updated On: June 1, 2020 Background Modern web based ERPs and web applications allow user to add new input fields in form dynamically. For example, you may let user to click add (+) symbol to add another field for phone number. The user city name in your provided cities option list may be missing, you may want to let user add new city in that list, all dynamically without leaving that page. If you have not used Google Forms still, you are missing an awesome product, I suggest you to must try it to understand what it means to let user create forms dynamically. Task Description Create a web page that shall facilitate users to create a form dynamically. User shall add required number of input fields of different types. There shall be two sections of your web page, top section shall be used to get input data from user about the required input fields on form and the bottom section shall display the output/generated form. Let me give you an exaple to under it. At top setion of the pag