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Mobile Application Development - Equip IT Grads With What Market is Demanding

Most Pakistani universities' BSCS / BSSE / BSIT programs contain Web Engineering course. Web Engineering primarily cover concepts and lab work related to web applications development. But in last 4-5 years, the demand of mobile applications has increased exponentially. In just 4 years of Android launch, Android store is touching 6,75000 number of total apps ( September 2012), and these are increasing day by day. In only December 2012, almost 37,500 new apps were released.  Almost same  or better is the situation at Apple App Store (that hosts apps for iPhone, iPad, etc.).                                             Ref: One may argue that CS or other degree programs focus on theoretical underpinning of computer science, instead particular type of development skill. But I believe, in countries (like Pakistan), not much grads join research career, but industry. So we should skill them in something that could greatly help them in

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