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Focusing Technology and Creating Products - What We Need to Know

Students put high energy in developing their academic final year projects, they look very inspired by the technology-stack and many of them ask about technology only. When you discuss, they claim to launch the product too. Young friends, products are not made like this. Let me share a few things that I have learned with time: Developing something to learn a technology only (Node.JS, Angular, .Net, Android, etc) and creating a real product for users are different things. If you want to create a product, your primary focus should be the market e.g. value creation, target customers and their pain points, user experience, understanding market need and gap, idea validation and testing, understanding business processes your product target, along with creating the actual product. Technology matters but not that much as craftmen think. Technology stack can be improved with time, no one really cares about the technology used as long as the product solve their problem. How many times yo

Create a Basic Marketplace Web Application using PHP MySQL

Create a web application using HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL, etc. It shall be a basic marketplace where any user interested to sell product shall create sellers account to list products to sell. Buyers create account to review products and add product in shopping cart. Here is the ERD of marketplace (lets call this project primestore ) Click Here to download SQL Script file. Different pages you need to create to complete this marketplace are explained below. index.php   i.e homepage. It shall contain list of categories (on left side) and recently added 16 products (4 products in each row) with pagination at bottom. Show each product title, price, main picture and shop name. When shop name is clicked, open same page i.e index.php to show all products of that shop (hint: Pass seller ID to index.php page as request parameter). When seller ID is received in page, display heading i.e. "All Products Listed by <Shop Title>" for the list of products. When user cli