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Problems with Current Style of Education - In Universities

I am teaching for couple of years and I strongly feel about following aspects should be improved. ( Please note, these are my personal opinions and nothing to do with my current employer. No offence intended.) In classroom of mostly private universities, some students are highly motivated to learn and go an extra mile what is taught to them, but teacher waste their energy and time by teaching them same material that is taught to whole class. I strongly believe, 10-15% students in class can learn same stuff in 1 month that a teacher teach them in 5 months. Model sections or video based training may be more beneficial for these motivated folks). First tier universities don't have such issue as because of higher merit that attract same level students or who differ with at lower degree. Same issue hold with students who need to put more energy to absorb the delivered content. Mostly teachers instruct keeping the average student in mind or expect an good enough level of prior understand