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Web Development Final Lab Paper - PHP and MySQL

  MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE SURE YOUR PROGRAM RUNS ON MY SYSTEM WHICH IS MANDATORY FOR EVALUATION: If the submitted code matched with another submission, both students would get 0 marks and UMC case will be filed to Exams Department that may further result into cancellation of whole semester. In htdocs folder, create project folder based on your registration number. For example, if your registration number is CIIT/FA18-BCS-122/LHR, the project folder name should be fa18-bcs-122. Create images folder in your project folder to place uploaded images. Use random name for image files. Must use the provided SQL schema to create the database schema to ensure your code is compatible with my database. (Do not submit any SQL file). Before you make a .rar file to upload, the database host name, database name, user name and password MUST be same as given in common.php file (if you changed it for any reason, undo those