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Assignment 4 - Point of Sale system

Develop a limited version of Point of Sale system. You have seen it already, its what a salesman use at medical or deparmentsal stores to make invoices. Making complete system is difficult at this level and need more time than we are left with. So build only following functionalities: (I recommend to save all data in MySQL database, DB lecture links already shared at FB Group, you can also use binay files, if you feel not comfortable with using MySQL after watching video lectures). Customers CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) and List functionality using Java GUI. Customer table and class shall have: id, name, email, gender, active, city, cellNumber Create means (provide short key: Ctrl+N), provide a JFrame based form to add new customer.  List means, show all customers ID-Name in JList, so that user could select the customer to perfrom Update, Show/Retrieve or Delete operation.  Update means, user shall be able to update the customer record. He shall select the customer from li

Task 11: Java GUI Basics

Task 11.1: Make a form that shall look like this: Name: _____________ (Text field) Email: _____________ Gender: o Male    o Female   (radio button) Subjects: o OOP  o DB  o Web  o Android  o Machine Learning   [Check boxes]                 [ Submit ]            (submit button) Make a class User with name, email, gender and subjects instance attributes of type String, String, Boolean, and ArrayList<String>. When user fill above form and press the submit button, make an object of User using the form data and save that object on file using Serialization. When user run the program again, if user has saved the user object earlier, load the form with user existing data (explore some functions of Swing components using API docs and Googling). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Task 12 would be Assignment 4 and would be little complex using Swing programming. So make sure you have done task 11.