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Tips / Guidelines for Students for Final Year Projects (FYP) Presentations

My 5 final year students have a BSCS project pre-defense in coming days. One of them asked for some tips for good online presentation. Here are some quick points, if you are also presenting your academic project, please consider: 1. Claim only what you have done yourself, never make a wrong statement or that you may not justify. Otherwise, you would make your small contribution a waste and the examiner would assume all you work is copied. Claiming less work is far better than claiming more that you have not done yourself. 2. Do not spend too much time on basics e.g. history, problem statement, technologies, etc. if your project is not noval e.g. MIS system or a website. It kills the examiner's interest. Your other job is to keep the examiner interested in your presentation. So present important, challenging, valuable stuff first, that you feel would be new or interesting for the examiner. Keeping the examiner interested is your core responsibility and you do it sharing the right co