Classified Management System (AdSys) - Practice Task Detail

Its grand assignment, completion would show you well understand fundamental concepts of web application development.

You must have visited, below assignment of classified management system (AdSys for short) works like olx in general (though limited in functionality). Users shall post ads for others to view. They shall signup, login and update, activate, deactivate and delete ads. Below is the detail of individual feature you shall develop to get full marks.

See above image i.e. entity relationship diagram (ERD) of AdSys. Make database in MySQL based on above ERD. (You can download the SQL script of database design, from here). Import the SQL script into your MySQL database. Below are the features you must implement using PHP, HTML, and CSS. Use Bootstrap wherever applicable.

Sign Up (signup.php): When user open singup.php page, show a registration form (see fields from users table). Register the user using post-back approach. The city should be a drop down list (enter any 5-7 cities). Apply client side and server side validation on name, email and password fields. Password must be alphanumeric. Name must use alphabets only. And email address must follow valid email address pattern. 

Login (login.php): Use the email and password given during signup to login into the application. Once the user is logged-in, show Logout link in navigation bar. When user click the link, logout.php shall be called to destroy the session.

Update Profile (profile.php): On user successful login, show Update Profile link in header to open a form that to let user update the profile data (password, mobile number, city etc.). Do this using Post-Back approach.

Home Page (index.php): Show 10 recently posted ads at home page (i.e. order by date_posted descending). If total active ads are more than 10, show pagination links at bottom of the page, the links URL should be: index.php?page=2 and so one ... When 'page' parameter is not submitted, assume it 1. Add Login and Signup Links in Header (do not show Login and Sign-up links when user is signed-in).

Post New Ad (ad.php): Add a link in header Post New Ad. When user click it, show a form to post new ad. See ads table for form attributes. Allow user to attach maximum 5 images of the product.

Dashboard (dashboard.php): When user successfully login, redirect to dashboard.php, that shall show all ads posted by signed-in user in tabular format so that user can perform different operations on posted ads (e.g. remove, activate, deactivate, delete, update) using delete.php, activate.php, deactivate.php, ad.php (for update). Show different links in options column of each row to perform these operations. Send ad ID as request param to these pages.

Update Ad (ad.php), open ad form so that user can update ad attributes except id. User must be able to delete previous images and add new images too.

View Ad (view-ad.php): show ad details to website visitors, given an ad id as request param.
Search (index.php): add search functionality to index.php page by allowing user to enter keywords and select category from the option list. Show the ads that matches the user query, with pagination.

Send Message (send-message.php): when user click on Send Message button on view-ad.php page, it should open send-message.php page, so that user can send message to ad poster.

Inbox (inbox.php) It displays all message sent the the signed-in user.

Conversation (conversation.php): Its should show the conversation and allow user to send a reply to other user. It should open from inbox.php page's See Conversation link.

Delete Message (delete-message.php), on inbox.php and conversation.php pages. show a Delete Message link. To that user can delete the message.

Add Category (add-category.php): Ad categories are Mobiles, Furniture, Books, etc. but to make the categories dynamic. Let admin to add new categories. Just take the category name as input and save into categories table. Assume user with id=1 is admin.

Delete Category (delete-category.php): Show all categories to admin in option list with multiple selection allows, delete the categories selected by admin.


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