Workshop On Virtual Reality and Industry, Jan. 23, 2018

A delegation of 3 VR (Virtual Reality) experts from Japan are visiting Pakistan to expand awareness of Virtual Reality (VR) and its applications in Pakistan's universities for the students and faculty members.

With your kind support and guidance, we are organizing a Workshop on Virtual Reality with the collaboration of Tango Labs (Pakistan) for our students and Faculty in COMSATS on 23rd January 2018.  Virtual Reality Experts (VR) are coming from Japan to create the awareness of Virtual Reality and its application in Pakistan's Universities for the students and faculty members.
Following is the short introduction of Workshop:

Virtual Reality:
Virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. The world has acknowledged and accepted the concept of Virtual Reality but the scope and the application of the technology is unexplored and unknown by many specially by the university students.

They would like to arrange a seminar comprising of lecture and an activity for the students and faculty of your University. We will also be displaying the VR hardware during the seminar to make it interactive and comprehensive.

The seminar will also highlight the global competition of VR in which students can participate.

Schedule of Workshop

Title: Virtual Reality and Industry 

Duration: 75 -90 Mins with 10 Min break after 35-40 Mins

15 mins VR/MR/AR Technology 15 mins Growth of VR Industry 10mins Unity and STYLY Introduction 10 mins   Break 30 mins

STYLY workshop 20 mins VR Content view/experience (one VR space will be experienced)
Target Audience: Bachelors, Masters and PhD Students & Faculty.

Product Information and benefits The Psychic VR lab is focusing on bringing global VR creator in one platform and making it easy to distribute the contents to global market like Youtube focusing on video. As Psychic VR Lab believes, there is no such platform, which supports multi-device compatibility and the creator can develop with contents without coding and distribute it with one click to the global market. The service called STYLY already got positive feedback in just two months and spoke about STYLY in world-famous events such as Unity, SVVR, Oculus, Kelidcope, and VRX.

A platform from where a creator can distribute the VR contents in 2mins which normally takes 2 months with 200 - 400 USD dollars with tons of description and need to make each file for each device and submit for approval to each respective store which can be done in 2 Mins in STYLY

Benefits for Attendees:

- Understanding of New Technology
- VR industry knowledge
- Japan is second largest VR market
- Participate in Global VR contest
- Exclusive Pakistan VR content contest consisting of Cash Prize up to 100K and top creator has chance to visit Japan and work for us (depending on skills)
- Helpful for VR developer to distribute contents in global platform for free
- Understanding VR for global job opportunities such as at Facebook, Google and Microsoft as they are investing in billions in VR industry.
Background and History:
The company started in 2014 while CEO Yamaguchi was curious, how to develop the VR
industry and make it easy for VR developers to distribute the contents globally quickly and was seeking for a platform where world VR developer can share the contents and share/view each other contents when he started developing service called STYLY and incorporated the company in 2016 and release the Beta version of STYLY in August 2017.

Previous Conducted Events:

·       Unity Austin 2017, Texas USA
·       Fashion Tech Summit VR Hackathon
·       VRX 2017, CA USA
·       Oculus Connect 04, CA USA
·       Tokyo Fashion Technology Lab STYLY Workshop
·       Kaleidoscope Hong Kong
·       SVVR CA, USA
·       iFashion Tokyo, Japan
·       Keio University, Tokyo Japan
·       Woman XR Club, Tokyo Japan
·       Shibuya Fashion Code, Tokyo Japan

Trango Labs: 
Trangolabs is a custom technology services company delivering strategic business solutions to its global customers. We deliver a comprehensive assortment of information technology and business process outsourcing facilities to clients in multiple industries that include the financial services, healthcare, communications, energy, transportation, gaming and retail businesses. Offering tailor-made and cutting edge technology solutions, innovation and value.

CompetitionThey are also planning a competition event for the students. Here are some details. Submission of VR  Contents - December 2017 to February 2018

Prize Money
Top 10 will be selected through a process and prizes will be distributed among the
best teams.
1st Prize: PKR Rs. 100,000 (Along with a possible Chance to visit the company office in Japan office and work for STYLY)