What is Skype

Skype is an instant messaging software. As you install other softwares on your computer to use them, in same way you also need to install Skype on your system or computer to use Skype.

Instant messaging means, you can communicate live by writing text message with any other person who has Skype installed on his system. In addition to text messaging, Skype also allows you to make voice and video calls to other persons. Both person who want to communicate must be connected to internet.

You must be thinking how we can identify someone we want to communicate with? This is very simple. Each person who uses Skype have a Skype ID. So you must Create a Skype Account to use Skype for instant messaging. When creating Skype account, you will get a Skype ID and password. These Skype ID and password are used to sign-in on Skype.

As you have guessed, each person who uses Skype has a unique Skype ID. So if there are one billion users who use Skype, there are one billion Skype IDs created. So if you want to communicate with a person who is in Germany (say you are in States), you must have his Skype ID. You can ask his Skpe ID by email or phone.

After you have your friends' Skype ID, do following steps to chat or call on Skype:
  1. Open Skype and Login using your Skype ID into you Skype (messenger)
  2. You will see a link, Add New Contact on Skype interface. When you click it, will ask you to enter Skype ID of the contact you want to add.
  3. Enter your friend's Skype ID and press search button.
  4. Skype will search and show his location to you, then you choose Add button. This will add your friend in your Skype Contacts List.

After you have added your friend into your contacts list. Now when he will sign-in into his computer on his Skype messenger, your Skype messenger will notify you that your friend (say Chris) is online. You can double click on it and start communicating by writing text message into window that open.

Have fun!