How To Stop Programs That Automatically Start On Windows Startup

In this post you will learn how to disable or stop programs/softwares that automatically run when Windows starts or boot. There may be some programs that you would prefer to start yourself e.g. Skype. But often there are lot of other programs that also start when Windows boot. It happen because, when you install new softwares, they may automatically put themselves in the auto-start list of Windows. This happens for following reasons:
  • A programs might auto start itself, so that it could remain connected with their manufacturer and report you when its new edition is available.
  • Sometime programs auto start so that you can experience fast load / opening time when you click at some icon to actually start it e.g. Acrobat Reader, Winzip, Media Player may do so.
  • These programs may be virus and reporting how you are using your system, or what keys you press on your keyboard to third party. It may steal some important info.
Let us see how you can Stop these programs to auto start, when Windows boot.

1. Click Start Menu -> Run or press Shot Key: WindowsButton+R
It should open following window.

2. In text box, type: msconfig and press Enter Key or click on OK Button

A System Configuration window open, looks as follows:

3. Click on Startup Tab
It should open window like this:

In last window above, all programs that are checked run when Windows boot. Uncheck all programs that you don't want to run when Window start. You can also click Disable All button if you want to run no extra program when Windows start. After the click, system will ask you to restart you system. You should select Restart.

Hope, this short tip, would help someone.