Moving back from Wordpress to Blogger

I starting to blog at Blogger in about 2007. With time, discovered that most good blogs use Wordpress. So without any reason, I registered a domain (, and got a hosting for it, so started with Wordpress. In start, it was good time, so many plug-ins, full access to code, database to modify anything as I like. It was very nice experience.

But recently I switched back to Blogger, for following reasons:
  1. I must have to add new plug-ins into Wordpress to make it secure, flexible, and looks good. So I found myself spending more time on blog management instead of writing actual contents.

  2. Unfortunately, the hosting company I selected was not satisfactory. Most time, I faced the very long loading time, and sometime no opening at all. Sometime It show "Could not establish database connection" error. Yes, this my my fault to select a poor host. But at Blogger I don't need to select any.

  3. I am not a professional Blogger (yet), so I was earning nothing from my blog. But was bound to pay about 2400 PKR yearly for hosting and around 1000 PKR for domain renewal. There is no alternative to domain fee, but spending 2400 PKR on hosting is not a wise decision for a blogger who was earning nothing from his blog.

  4. Taking posts/pictures backup is not so straight at Wordpress as compare to Blogger.

  5. When I login to Wordpress, after each few days, "2-4 updates available" message shows at header which ask to update the plug-ins I have earlier installed. Which also warn (when updating the Wordpress Core update), that must take backup of your database/code to keep your posts safe. I want to keep my focus on writing new things/how-tos instead of doing this geeky stuff.

  6. The dashboard of Wordpress has so many options and seems very complex. While the Dashboard/Post Editor of Blogger is so nice, follows minimalism design approach that  facilitate you to focus on the stuff you are writing about.

  7. The default new editor of Blogger is some great and so elegant. While the default editor of Wordpress is extremely poor and you must have to add some plugin to make it better.
I must add, I do not mean Wordpress is not a better bet for all. Its best if you are a geek, love doing geeky backups, updating plugins, adding new plugins for trying new cool stuff, dealing with hosting issue, and love to write/modify/extend PHP code, or you need performance that Blogger is not offering ... then Wordpress is best choice for you.

But If you are REAL BLOGGER and want to keep you focus on writing content instead of book keeping, and you are satisfied with Blogger speed. Then Blogger is an EXCELLENT choice.


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