How to Install OpenBravo ERP on Windows

I have just installed Open Bravo ERP (OpenbravoERP_2.40-windows-installer). Here is how I proceeded.
OpenBravo requires JDKAntTomcatPostgreSQL. You can install these applications before starting OpenBravo installation or during the installation (I downloaded and installed during OpenBravo installation).
Just start the OpenBravo installation wizard and choose “next” .. “next” … you know. OpenBravo installation wizard ask for following:
  1. JDK
    1. Download and install Ver. 1.5 or later.
    2. Wizard will automatically detect where it is installed. (or locate it, if it ask).
  2. Ant
    1. Download and install
    2. When OpenBravo wizard asks for it, select ant-installation-dir/bin/ant.bat)
  3. Tomcat
    1. Download and install
    2. Select the installation-dir. when wizard asks for it.
  4. PostgreSQL (so that OpenBravo can install ERP database on it)
    1. Download and Install PostgreSQL
      (simple “next”, “next” process). Choose and remember password and port number (5432 default) which you configure during installation process.
    2. When OpenBravo installation wizard asks for it, locate PostgreSQL base-dir/bindirectory.
    3. Input hostname = “localhost”, and port = 5432 (or that you configured earlier during PostgreSQL installation). OpenBravo wizard will run the PostgreSQL automatically.
    4. Type your PostgreSQL superuser password.
    5. Choose a password for user “tad”. OpenBravo uses it to talk DB.
  5. The setup continues … Keep reading wizard status, it tells what’s going on.
  6. After installation finish. Start you Tomcat /tomcat-dir/bin/startup.bat
  7. Hit your browser at: http://localhost:8080/openbravo
  8. OpenBravo default user is “Openbravo” and Password is "openbravo” to login.
  9. Here is the welcome page:
I have installed Ver 2.4, i think there should not be much difference in installation of later releases.

I have plan to configure its Sales and Warehouse modules for a trading company. I will keep sharing, when did.


  1. can i install it in windows 7 32bit?

    1. Yes ofcourse you can.. But you will need 4GB Ram or more.

  2. Thanx a ton for the help...

  3. I installed postgreSQL 9.2 and when i started installing OpenbravoERP and gave the postgreSQL path as given above..the installer is showing an error asking me to install postgreSQL version 8.1.4 or higher..!!

    1. i had faced the same problem.

      install the version postgresql-8.2.22-1. you can download it from
      it is available with windows installer msi..

  4. Vraiment super, si ça fonctionne. Merci


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