WebTechSP20 - Lab Tasks

I'm, Asif Shahzad, 
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science 
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus

If you have registered Web Technologies course in Spring 2020 at COMSATS University, Lahore Campus, below is the list of lab tasks that you are suggested to complete. These tasks are organized by topic. I recommend below guidelines to help you learn maximum and get hands-on on what we have planned to teach you.
  1. Watch Usman Akram Sb. pre-recorded lectures and try to get thorough understanding of the topics covered before you attend online session/discussion with your theory instructor. The lecture plan shall be shared with you by your theory teacher so that you know in advance which video/s # you shall watch before the online session/discussion.
  2. After theoratical understanding of lectures' videos, implement on your PC what Usman Akram Sb. implemented in the lecture. (Before doing the lab task, very important)
  3. Note down your questions from point # 1-2 (if any) and discuss in online session/discussion with your theory instructor.
  4. Do the lecture related lab task from the list given below. If you face any difficulty in doing the lab task, discuss in online session with your lab instructor.
List of Lab Tasks - Introduction to Lab Course - Video (Must Watch)
Please note, there may be minor changes in these tasks based on students performance and feedback (if any).
  1. JavaScript Event Handling, Bindings and DOMDescription - Video
  2. Form Validation using JavaScript. Description - Video
  3. Create an HTML Form Dynamically. Description - Video
  4. Create CRUD Web Application on Following REST API. Description - Video
  5. Crawl Web Pages, Make XLS File and Email in NodeJS. Description - Video
  6. Publish an NPM Package that Download & Send Webpage by Email. Description - Video
  7. Write REST API with Composite Entities in Express and Test using Postman. Description - Video
  8. Connect REST API with MongoDB 'Relational Schema' using Mongoose. Description - Video
  9. Common MongoDB Queries and Tasks (Administration Stuff). Detail - Video
  10. Update CRUD Web App. by Connecting with your REST API. Description - Video
  11. Server Side Rendering with Session and Cookies Handling. Description - Video
  12. Create Components in REACT. Description - Video
  13. Make Web App using REACT that Connect to your REST API. Description - Video
  14. Integrate Token Based Authentication in Your App.
  15. Register a Domain, Configure DNS, and Deploy Your Web App. Description - Video