Register a Domain, Configure DNS and Deploy the Web Application - Lab Task 15

By now, you have built the REACT web app with backend in Node.js, Express and MongoDB. Its time to make our app available to world. For how to deploy on Heroku, watch video lecture about deployment at Heroku i.e. Lecture 4. If you want to deploy on your own virtual or dedicated server, you shall have basic knowledge of operating linux using command line interface.

No matter you deploy on Heroku or at your own server. We must buy and link the domains with our hosting server. So in this lab task you are supposed to do following:
  1. Choose a quality domain name that well present your objective. If its not available, choose another. You can use to check whether a domain name you want to purchaes is available
  2. Buy the chosen domain from or some other registrar. For that, you must have a credit card or debit card (not all debit card work for intl' payments, but some do e.g. Meezan Bank)
  3. Define DNS server of the domain
  4. Add "A RECORD" to link your domain with hosting server IP
  5. Add a sub-domain that points to another server
  6. Understand the canonical names and add a CNAME in your DNS, such that a sub-domain should work as canonical for some other