Register a Domain, Configure DNS, and Deploy Your Web Application - Lab Task 15

You have built the REACT web application with all backend components of Node.js, Express and MongoDB in earliest tasks. Its time to deploy it on some server. You can watch video lecture about deployment at Heroku i.e. Lecture 4 or you may choose any other shared, virtual or dedicated server for deployment.

After the application is hosted (or may be before it), you shall purchase a new domain and make required configurations in DNS server to point your domain to hosting server. If you already own a domain and you don't want to spend extra bucks, you can add a sub-domain to your domain and deploy the web application on that sub-domain e.g. The objective is to learn how to buy, configure and deploy a web applications. You can also request your friend to create a sub-domain for your under the domain he own.

I would record a video lecture about DNS to help you in configuration of the domain and how to add sub-domain and point it to a hosting server.