Basic MongoDB Queries and Administration - Lab Task 9

You must have decent knowledge of the persistense storage you are using with your application. 

Objective of this task is to make you comfortable with basic queries to run on MongoDB using MongoDB Compass or command prompt based client. These queries include:
  1. Apply conditions on single or multiple attributes
  2. Select records or summaries based on grouping
  3. Sort the fetched records by single or multiple fields
  4. Fetch records based on nested objects
You should also know basics of MongoDB administration like: 
  1. How user authentication work
  2. How to add new users with restricted privileges
  3. How to take and restore backup of our database or collections
  4. How to check storage taken by collection
  5. Checking metrices of live server
You can add or import some records to run above queries. Feel free to import from any public resource, as data is not important but running queries, in this task.