Update CRUD Web App. by Connecting with your REST API - Lab Task 10

In Lab Task 8, you developed REST API in Express and connected to MongoDB for storage. You tested its functionality using Postman. Its time to create your own web application using JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, etc. to perform all operations exposed by your REST endpoints. It would help you to practice JavaScript in good enough detail (as you would be managed composie entities and relational stuff). It will help you to talk to any API from your application later in your professional projects e.g. Facebook APIs, Twitter APIs, etc. or custom APIs exposed by ERPs and ecommernce store (WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc. all are exposed as REST Services).

You may be thinking about what use cases you shall implement. I recommend you to implement all I described in Lab Task 8. I can understand it would take a lot of time, but its worth it. If you feel yourself very comfortable after doing some work, you may skip very basic use cases e.g. add new course, update course, delete course etc. in 'courses' collection. But do not skip any use case of 'student' collection.

Must use Bootstrap to make the look and feel very cool and easily updateable. From my personaly experience, let me share, such academic assignments not only make our theoretical concepts clear but the code produced in such tasks work as great asset and go-to place when we work in professional projects. 

So do the hardwork with high commitment.