JavaScript Assignment - Web Technologies

Above is the User Interface of how your application shall look alike. Make a web page using HTML/CSS (you may use Bootstrap) and JavaScript. When user fill the form and click 'add' button, the record shall be added in the table on the left side of page. 'Action' column shall contain Update and Remove links, "Update" shall load the record in the form on right. When user update the values and press 'update' button, it shall update the corresponding row in the table on left. Initially, when the page is loaded, the table shall be empty and "Update" button shall be disabled. When user click the "Update" link shown under 'Action' column, "add" button shall be disabled. The "reset" button shall reinitialize the form at the same state when the page was loaded to add new records, so it shall make the add button enabled. The page shall not reload during these operations, so it shall be a single page app.

Under City dropdown, add any 3 cities. And show 'Other' option, when user choose 'Other', show a text field below the cities dropdown with a button labeled 'Add'. What that button is clicked, the user entered city name shall be added in dropdown list of City.

You shall create single HTML file that shall contain you all code. The name of the file shall be your:

Section-Registration Number-Name i.e.

Following the name is mandatory, otherwise, I may not identify and evaluate your work. Please do not submit via email, but only via our official course portal.