Task 1 - HTML Basics

Make a web page i.e. about-me.html about yourself with following information:
  1. Describe yourself very briefly using maximum 3 lines, use 'p' tag.
  2. Write your name as heading using 'h1' tag, on top of the page. In small braces, write the meaning of your name.
  3. Add your picture using 'img' tag, set width to 300px, under 'alt' attribute write your name. You may choose any reasonable picture from your PC or web URL (if you don't have yours).
  4. Using 'ol' tag, list at least three things that you stand for or what makes you passionate. Things that you would love doing in your life (irrespective of the financial reward).
  5. Using 'ul', list at least your 4 MAJOR skills that you believe you are very good at: programming, story telling, designing, telling jokes, making friends, making enemies, or whatever you think ... 
  6. Use two 'h2' level headings for 'Matriculation or O/Levels' or "Intermediate / A-Levels". Write the institute/scholl name and major subjects you studied 'ul' and 'li' tags.
  7. Search the logo of your school/college at Google and download that image. Use 'img' tag in your page to insert the logo, when user click it, your school/college website shall open in same tab.
  8. Use another 'h2' level heading i.e. "My Favorite Websites". List at least 10 websites that you often visit. Each website name should be a link, when the link is clicked, it shall open that website in new tab. Use 'ol' and 'li' tags for it.

Create a table with following headings: Sr. No., Product Name, Description, Unit Price and Picture. Add at least 5 different products in the table, each in different row. Set image width to 250px. Find products information/images from daraz.pk or olx.com.pk. Product name shall be a link, when clicked, it shall open the page from where you copies that products info. For some cell, use colspan and rowspan too, where it make sense.

We can't cover all HTML tags in our class, as we have to omany other things to cover in 4 months. So you must always learn and practice some stuff by your own too. For the moment, you must explore following:

Tags that can be used for formatting: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_formatting.asp
Different tags that can be used in 'head' tag: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_head.asp
Understand what are block and inline tags: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_blocks.asp
See how to add symbols that are not on keyboard: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_symbols.asp