Task 3 - Embed Audio/Video and Use Iframe

Create an Employee Registration Form with basic attributes that we covered in class (e.g. name, data of birth, gender, email, street address, city, and country). Choose appropriate input type for each data element. There are some new input types in HTML 5, also insert at least one input element using new types e.g. datetime, range, email, url, search, tel, color. etc.

Make a webpage that contains an audio and video files linked to it, read w3schools pages:

There is another tag, called iframe. It is used to embed another page/section inside our main page e.g. youtube videos etc. Make a helloiframe.html file such that, in the first half of the page it should display ciitlahore.edu.pk and in 2nd half it should display nu.edu.pk, both websites should be displayed in single page. Read Here to understand how iframe works.