Task 2 - Explore Website Statistics and Create a Blog

2.1 See Website Statistics

Open https://www.similarweb.com and see statistics of different websites. You must understand following parameters / type of data:

  1. Engagement: Total Visit (per month), page views per visit, average visit duration, bounce rate, etc.
  2. Traffic by Country
  3. Traffic Sources (Direct, Referral, Search, Social, Display) 
  4. Competitors & Similar Sites

2.2 Create a Blog

Now a days, many people make living by blogging on topics that other people want to read or search at search engines. Some users publish content not for purpose of earning but just to share their knowledge, inspirations or creations with others. Blogging is a process of publishing content on our personal website (such website is called a blog).

As web technologies student, you must know how to create a blog and how to publish contents on your blog. So, follow below given steps:

  1. Visit http://blogger.com. Login with your gmail account and create a blog. You only need to enter blog title and blog name. You may enter your name as blog title and blog address (enter name without space when choosing ablog name). For example, if you name is Ali, your free blog address would be ali.blogpsot.com
  2. After the blog is created, go to Blogger.com. You would see a link at left side "Posts", click it. On new page, you would see a link "New Post", click it to open a form to write an article.
  3. After you have enter the article title and post text, apply some label (shown at right side of post contents). Think of label as category of your post. After you have written the post and entered a label, click the Publish button to publish the article.
  4. Open your blog and click the article you just published, it show display your complete post.
  5. Go to Blogger.com dashboard, and edit your blog post.

2.3 Explore Alexa.com Top Sites List

Alexa (an Amazon subsidiary company) publish different statistics of websites. It also publish list of top sits on internet by category, country and overall-top (Visit Top Sites link at bottom of alexa.com). Explore names of top 500 websites that are mostly visited from Pakistan and try to analyze why these sites are so popular and can you think of some idea you would like to build that people would love using. You should start thinking one, as you would build a semester project too.

Amazon also publish list of top 1 million websites daily, you can download complete list from here: