Task 15 - Java Database Connectivity with MySQL - Assignment 3, Section A

Assume ‘infosys’ database contains 3 tables i.e. products, product_categories and sales. You can download the SQL file to create above database, tables and to insert some records for testing purpose.

Make a java class having following static methods (class name shall be your registration number and name):

static void updateProductNameAndStatus(int productID, String newName, boolean newStatus)
static int getAverageSalePrice(int productID)
static ArrayList<String> getProductsNames(int categoryID, String searchQueryString)

Column name and data type of each column is shown in below diagram for your quick reference:

updateProductNameAndStatus shall update the product name and status, use would pass the product id, and new name and new status as argument.

getAverageSalePrice shall return the average unit_price a product is sold at. The product ID shall be passed as arugment.

getProductsNames shall return the list of products’ names. User would pass the search query string (or search keyword) and category ID as argument. Consider a search keyword as substring that the product name must contain. For example, if "dell" is passed as searchQueryString and 18 is passed as categoryID, you shall display all products whose catetgory id is 18 and whose name contain the work "dell" in start or somewher between or at end (any where).

Also make a main method in your class, call above method without creating any object of the class. You shall pass fixed values as arguments, no need to take input from user.

You would get -10 marks if you cheated or your code matched with some other student.


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