Targeted News Subscription - FYP Idea

Its first post under FYP Ideas tag. Most of these ideas are my own, I share because I have other interesting things to work on. Don't undervalue by thinking why someone have shared if its so good. 2nd, it may be already implemented, so must check the web/mobile apps first before finalizing.

 Targeted News Subscription 

We usually want to read the news of our interest from newspapers. But the issue is, we have to browse through all newspaper to search those news. We have limited time, so we end up reading just one or two newspapers. Hence we miss a lot of news of interest in other newspapers. Reading just one newspaper deeply also takes a lot of time.

The idea is to crawl and parse different news websites daily and categories each news for already defined keywords. These keywords may be anything possible from politician names, MNAs, ministries, players, cities, or news categories like political, education, cricket, football, dramas, or even movie star names. In short, these are keywords of user interest. Defining right set of keywords, and using set of keywords to make a news-category is a challenging task in this project.

From users perspective, users would choose different keywords they are interested in to subscribe. The application would send emails to users with their news of interest. The list of news with brief description should be sent vial via email, for detail, users have to click on news link that should direct user to corresponding news website. Filtering same news from different news website is another challenge.