My Experience on Cloud with Linode VPS - Its time to say THANKS to Linode

About a year earlier, I developed a reviews portal for products, services and institutions using Java technologies (i.e. FaceRank.PK), I was not sure how I would host it. Here is how I goes ...

I explored different Java based web apps hosting providers. I was almost shocked to see, Java hosting was really very expensive as compare to PHP based hosting. I looked into shared Java hosting, but they didn't provided enough freedom e.g. to restart Tomcat anytime, update JDK, redeploy app.

Dedicated hosting were expensive for me, then I explored different Virtual Hosting Providers. From those, I was inspired by users' opinion about I spend a lot of time on web, and I believe, if a lot of users are saying something about a particular provider, there must is something great about it. So I decided to try

I purchased Linode 768 package. Its almost a year now, guys! Linode is simply awesome. And only 4 times, I need to put support ticket, their response time was between 2 to 5 minutes. Uptime is also amazing, you see below my dashboard screen shot, my Ubuntu intance is running for 108 days (in fact I myself restart it occasionally). There are more apps in queue, I would definitely host on my Linode box.

Please note, Linode provides you full control i.e. root level access to your Linux box. They also provides free DNS Manager, which is very useful if you need to do some naming related settings.

Here is screen shot of my dashboard:

So if you are you looking for Java web apps hosting or a virtual box in general, I would highly recommend Linode. So its time to say BIG THANKS to Linode team for awesome infrastructure and surprisingly prompt response.

If you have some particular questions, that you would love to ask a user instead of Linode team. Feel free to contact me.


  1. I'm curious why you were 'shocked' that java hosting was more expensive than PHP hosting. This has been a common knock against Java for... 12 years? Longer?

  2. Right. I mean, I was not expecting the difference would be so high. That was my first experience with Java hosting. I was not aware of Java hosting cost earlier.

    Thanks for your comments!


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