How to Get Map Collection using Spring Jdbc Template

I wanted to access Map collection using Spring JdbcTemplate, but the method jdbcTemplate.queryForMap(...) returns a single Map instance (i.e. Map with only one Entry). Here is how I proceeded to extract Map with multiple entries.

1. Define a MapExtracter class

public class MapExtractor implements ResultSetExtractor {

public Object extractData(ResultSet rs)
throws SQLException, DataAccessException {

Map map = new LinkedHashMap();

while ( {
Integer key = rs.getInt("id");
String value = rs.getString("name");
map.put(key, value);
return map;

2. Use the MapExtracter class with a simple JdbcTemplate as follows:

Map map = (Map)getJdbcTemplate().query(
"SELECT id, name FROM business WHERE type_id=10",
new MapExtractor());

The returned map is a collection of multiple entries.


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