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Nature of Project for Web Technologies CourseYou would develop a web based system, application or proof of concept code samples (depending on nature of the semester project you choose). The project include, but not limited to, following types:
Develop a Management Information System (MIS) e.g. accounts management system, fleet management, school management system, assets management system, application processing system, sale management systems, pathology management system, etc. If if you select such MIS, make sure it contains at least 12 to 15 tables and there are at least 8 usecases per group-member.The project may be a web or mobile product based on your unique business idea that would deliver some unique value to users if you launch it. In this case, there may be less number of use cases and database tables, but you have to justify its uniqueness in your proposal explaining market need, other competitive products and how your idea or product is unique or why user would use it.It ma…

Task 8 - Creating, Using, Updating and Destroying Cookies in PHP

First practice the provided code samples and fully understand all concepts / code-snippets related to cookies. Please note, below scenerios are given just to make you well understand how cookies work, may be you never have to use such cases in real apps.

Then do following tasks:

1. Make a form with two input text fields. First for cookie name and other for cookie value, when user submit the form. Create new cookie with passed name and value.

2. Make a form with one input text field and Delete Cookie button, when user submit the form, delete only the cookies whose name is submitted by form. Must handle form using Postback mechanism.

3. Make show-all-cookies.php page, it should display all cookies the application has stored in user browser. (assume, you don't know the keys)
4. Create control-panel.php to manage, view and create cookies. User shall use it to view and update cookies' names and values.  This form must be dynamic, that means, if there are 10 cookies received from …

Task 7 - Form Handling and Genering Dynamic Views

Review and run my file handling code samples to understand how to create forms with all input controls and receive the submitted values at server side. After that, do following:

1. Assume a form is submitted to handler.php script, write handler.php script such that it should display all parameter names and values. Also display whether parameters were submitted using get or post.

2. Make a from with option to attach up to 5 pictures. Write fileshandler.php script such that it should save all those files in filestore directory. Rename the file as <original name>-<random string>.<extension>
Make another script showpics.php, it should display all pics stored in filestore folder. Show delete link with each picture, when user click that link, delete that picture from filestore directory. Google php functions to traverse directory and remove file. (Do not copy paste the code, handler multiple files using a loop on $_FILES array).

3. Make show-update-form.php file that opens an…

Task 6 - Make Layouts using Bootstrap 4

Explore making layouts with different components of Bootstrap. is good start to see and explore some examples.

Make at least following:

Task 5 - Make Layout (1st Assignment)

Its you First Assignment. Make complete layout.

At this level, you should be able to make CSS for links, top header / navigation bars and ad sections. After we are done with Floats and Positioning, then you can finish with creating complete layout.
Only layout is important, not the complete as-is content. But you should some sample content/news and images from the website so that the overall layout look like the source.

Please avoid using objectionable/vulgar images and news.

Task 4 - Styling Forms

In form.html page (html code given below), define styles in head section such that the form should look as per attached image form.png. Do not use 'br' element. Try to use minimum styles to achieve the required interface, use all type of selectors i.e. element name, class, and id. Style help image is also attached.  Use form-help.png for styling details.

<!doctype html> <html> <head> <style> /* define all styles here */ </style> </head> <body> <div id="container"> <h1> Student Registration Form </h1> <form method="GET" action="register.jsp"> <div class="userinput"> <label> First Name </label> <input type="text" name="firstName" value="" /> </div> <div class="userinput"> <label> Last Name </label> <input type="text" name="lastNam…

Task 3 - Embed Audio/Video and Use Iframe

Create an Employee Registration Form with basic attributes that we covered in class (e.g. name, data of birth, gender, email, street address, city, and country). Choose appropriate input type for each data element. There are some new input types in HTML 5, also insert at least one input element using new types e.g. datetime, range, email, url, search, tel, color. etc.

Make a webpage that contains an audio and video files linked to it, read w3schools pages:

There is another tag, called iframe. It is used to embed another page/section inside our main page e.g. youtube videos etc. Make a helloiframe.html file such that, in the first half of the page it should display and in 2nd half it should display, both websites should be displayed in single page. Read Here to understand how iframe works.

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