Web Development Course 2

Web Development Course 2 aims to bring productivity and quality in web application development. In this course we would see how professional level and large scale applications are built using Model View Controller architectural style. How we can create RESTful Services that acts as backend of mobile applications and front-end MVC based apps.

Following are the core topics of this course:

1. Object Oriented Programming using PHP
2. Composer
3. Laravel MVC Framework
4. Web Sockets
5. Creating RESTful Services

Below is the detailed outline of above topics:
(This outline is not complete yet, I would refine in coming few days. But you can get basic idea of whats included in Course 3)

Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Creating class, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, namespaces, etc.

What is Composer?
    What are package manager, benefits
    How to use composer as package manager

Laravel MVC Framework - Building Professional Web Applications
Introduction to Model View Controller
What is Laravel, how to install and make Hello World app.
Request Routing in Laravel
Serving request from routes
Making Controller and Serving View by Controller
Creating View using BLADE ie Laravel Template Engine
Migrations - How to Create and Maintain Database Design Revisions
Eloquent  - A way to interact with database with less code i.e. Active Record pattern
Laravel Authentication Component
Laravel Middleware - To inject pre- and post controller behaviour
Cookies and Session Management in Laravel
Laravel Service Providers

Performance implications of AJAx
Two way communication between browser and server
WebSockets Use Cases - Chat, Live Data Updates, etc.

Building RESTful Services using Laravel
Introdunction and usage of REST APIs
4 Principles of REST API
Using HTTP Methods and Protcol Guides Explicity
URL Structure
Stateless Architecture
Content Types for REST APIs
Code samples in Laravel