What are Different Types of Hosting Available

There are three types of hosting available, I would explain very brief without getting too much technical.

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, the server where you put your web application contents is shared between multiple users by the hosting provider. So this is restricted type of hosting, you are not allowed to up-grade or install different softwares on server (as it would effects other users’ applications). You hosting provider manage such things. They issue some credential to you (e.g. login name and a password to login) for putting website contents and to managing your own database, etc. It is cheapest type of hosting. So you should start from shared hosting and move to others as need be.

Virtual Server Hosting

You get full access to an operating system. You can start/shutdown it. Your operating system is not shared among others users. You can install/uninstall any programs e.g. MySQL, PHP, etc. But it is all virtual. In fact, a virtualization software is running on server that allows the hosting provider to run different OS in parallel. Such virtualization platforms allow to control available resources at software level.

Think, there is a computer with 10s of G Hz processing and 100s of GB RAM and 1000s of GB secondary storage. the virtualization platform allows the service provider company to allows only specific amount of resources from the pool of available resources. Its very fantastic way, as whenever you need more resources, mostly are added in few seconds. Because, there is not change at hard ware level, only software settings or configurations are changed and you are allowed to use more resources. The word Cloud Computing is all about this, its basically means exposing or selling infrastructure as a service.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Here you are given a dedicated machine /computer. It is like you are running your own computer. In shared hosting, resources are assigned at hardware level. That means, if you buy and 250 GB Hard Drive, the computer that is assigned to you actually has 250 GB. Nothing is controlled virtually. Dedicated hosting is more expensive as compare to shared and virtual.


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