How To Find Good Articles To Read On Internet Without Wasting Time

The issue is, say you are interested to read articles on marketing or on a topic of your interest. You Googled and found some good blogs that contains articles on category of your choice. Say, you got 15 such sites. You have to visit 15 blogs daily to see whether they have published a new article. Which is very time wasting and boring if you discover nothing interesting from most of them.

The solutions is RSS reader! Oooops what the hell it is? Don't worry, its very simple to use.
Someone said, if we knew the pleasure of destination, a difficult journey becomes very easy. After you have configured the RSS reader, you will use RSS reader to subscribe to different sites/blogs, its only 6-8 seconds task. But as result, it pulls all new articles from that blog and shows you their titles at one page. From where you can read any articles. Assume how easy the life would be if you get 100 articles on different sites at one page.

Let me demonstrate by example, say you love to read new stuff on marketing (replace it with topic of your interest e.g. innovations, sales, gadgets, product development, chemistry, sociology ... or whatever). Here is step by step procedures how you can get great articles pulled automatically:

1. Go go and search "Marketing blogs". For better results, select "Blogs" at left side and search "Marketing". You page will look like this:

2. Explore some links and choose blogs of your interest. Lets assume I liked: I want whenever it publish an article, it comes into my program automatically.

3. Open an RSS Reader (an RSS reader is a program that can understand or process contents/articles which are delivered using RSS feed). In this article, I will use Google RSS Reader
Open the link, and login using your Google account. Its looks like this:

4. You can see a link "SUBSCRIBE". When you click it, it ask to input RSS Feed URL. This URL is a web address of the blog on which it publish the contents in RSS form. We have choosen Duct Tape Marketing blog, let find their RSS feed URL.

5. Open the, you will see a link at left side "Subscribe By RSS", copy the URL it points to by right clicking, like this:

6. Now paste the URL in Google Reader by choosing "Subscribe" button, and then paste the feed URL in opened window and click add. Like this:

7. In the next windows you can see, it gives you message that you have subscribed to it. On left side (i pointed using red arrow) it also tell how much articles are there which you have published since you last read. You must see following:

So in this way you can subscribe to as many good blogs you want.

How to read the new published articles?

Once you have subscribed to all blogs of your interest. At weekend or in your fee time, simply open, it will show you all the articles in left side, just open and read to extend your wisdom and knowledge.


(Alternatively, you can click on Subscribe link at blogs, the next page will ask you to choose a reader, choose Google Reader, or someone else of your choice. It will automatically add Feed URL into that reader)


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