BS CS/SE, Final Year Projects' Presentations, Fall 2017, CIIT Lhr. Jan. 22, 2018

0900-0945CS21Smart-Phone Based Cognitive Vision using Neural NetworksDr. Amjad AliC-5
0950-1035CS04Visionary Vision for BlindsDr. Usama IjazBajwa
1040-1125CS15CIIT Clash Resolver of CoursesDr. Muhammad Salman Khan
1130-1215SE15Health Verdict(A shelter to take healthy decisions)Mr. Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi
1220-1305SE19Smart Incident ReportDr. Muhammad Hasanain ch.
0900-0945SE10Online Manpower ServicesDr. Muhammad Hasanain ch.D-5
0950-1035SE02BarberoMr. Muhammad Shahid Bhatti
1040-1125SE30Speech to Text GenerationMr. Muhammad Mohsin Mehdi
1130-1215SE31Speech to Text Android AppMr. Muhammad Mohsin Mehdi
1220-1305CS03A Suspect Monitoring & Tracking SystemDr. Amjad Ali
1310-1355CS12An Intelligent Health Care System for Neuro RehabilitationMr. Imran Raza
0900-0945SE09Similarity of Business Process Models:A StructuralChanges based TechniqueDr. Abid Sohail BhuttaLab-E
0950-1035SE21Food DonorDr. Muhammad Hasanain ch.
1040-1125SE27Construction Management SystemMr. Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi
1130-1215SE32Handyman ServicesMr. Muhammad Shahid Bhatti 
1220-1305SE22UpServe DiningMr. Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi
0900-0945SE25Deliver Maintenance Android ApplicationMr. Aamer MehmoodD-2
0950-1035SE23E-Learning SystemDr. Qurat-ul-Ain Malik
1040-1125CS11My Celeb MatchDr. Usama IjazBajwa
1130-1215CS05MedShareMr. Muhammad Usman Akram
1220-1305CS01SidekickMr. Abdul Karim Shahid
0900-0945SE07COMSATS Student Service Centre Queue Management SystemMr. Muhammad Shahid BhattiD-3
0950-1035CS09Activity based Health Management System Using(IoT)Dr. Amjad Ali
1040-1125SE24Student career finderDr. Qurat-ul-Ain Malik
1130-1215CS18NotifyU IOS ApplicationDr. M.Aksam Iftikhar
1220-1305SE26Dealership Management SystemDr. Abid Sohail Bhutta
0900-0945CS23Online Gadget Selector (Gadgetier)Dr Muhammad Waqas Anwar         FYP-Lab
0950-1035SE16Workflow Based Employee Leave Management SystemDr. Abid Sohail Bhutta
1040-1125SE17EyeSightMr. Muhammad Shahid Bhatti
1130-1215CS25Social Media Analytic and SurveillanceDr. Muahammad Tayyab Ch.
1220-1305SE18HallyAppMr. Muhammad Mohsin Mehdi
0900-0945SE05ADHOC Centralized Teachers Availability And Monitoring System Using Ontology For HECMs. Sana RizwanGraduate-Lab
0950-1035SE06Universal Token SystemDr. Muhammad Salman Khan
1040-1125SE11Call a DoctorMr. Jawad Shafi
1130-1215CS08Jinnah Institute Website & Accounts SoftwareMr. Abdul Qayyum 
1220-1305CS19Agriculture Monitoring & Management SystemDr. Syed Asad Hussain
0900-0945SE01Albatross (IMEI based Mobile Tracking Application)Mr. Abdul Jabbar Tipu D-6
0950-1035CS10catchmob.comMr. Abdul Karim Shahid 
1040-1125SE12Developing a Dashboard for building System Trust with Emphasis on Electronic Devices such as TelevisionsMs. Sabeen Amjad
1130-1215SE14Building System Trust by Solving the Boot Strapping Problem within the scope of Electronic Devices Such as Mobile PhonesMs. Shaina Ashraf
1220-1305CS26CASA CONSOLE:Secured Home Automated System Over WANMs. Samia Arshad
0900-0945SE13Reta: A Dialog System for Socio-cognitive Customer Service Retailer RobotDr. Wajahat Mahmood QaziD-8
0950-1035CS28Probabilistic Model for Opinion Spam DetectionDr. Hamid Turab MarketplaceMr. Imran Raza
1130-1215CS14Mistype Resistant Keyboard (NexKey)Mr. Muhammad Shahid Bhatti 
1220-1305CS06Human Computer Interaction for Physically Impaired PeopleDr. Zulfiqar Habib
0900-0945CS13ScholarHubMr. Imran RazaC-6
0950-1035CS20HazirMs. Maria Nazir
1040-1125SE03City PlatMr. Abdul Jabbar Tipu 
1130-1215CS22RIDEMr. Sami Haider
0900-0945CS02Development of Distributed File Sharing and Retrieval Model for Cloud Virtual EnvironmentDr. Munawar AliD-9
0950-1035CS07Trans MessengerDr Muhammad Waqas Anwar         
1040-1125CS16Android Based Video Sharing Platform with Advanced FiltersMr. Nadeem Ghafoor Ch.
1130-1215SE04Hynod:  Hadoop Cluster, Services and Jobs ManagerMr. Asif Shahzad 
1220-1305CS24Book BagMr. Rizwan Qureshi


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